Nikon’s Official D850 Lens List | The Cost Of The New Nikon Shooting Experience



Once we mirror upon historical past, we frequently use vital occasions as markers that function beginning and stopping factors for eras. Nevertheless, the truth is that there's typically a interval of overlap between what got here earlier than and the brand new established order.

We're within the midst of 1 such time with Nikon as D850 is the hinge between the previous and current of the Nikon capturing expertise. All that you already know and love about Nikon is perfected on this physique however, its centennial sensor at present calls for extra resolving energy and general efficiency than a lot of the present lens lineup can muster. Nevertheless, “most” shouldn't be “all”; so there's hope so that you can take advantage of your new D850. Right here is the official listing Nikon recommends to be used with the D850.

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Official Nikon D850 Lens Listing


20mm f/1.8G – $796.95

28mm f/1.4E – $1,996.95

105mm f/1.4E – $2,196.95

200mm f/2G – $5,696.95

400mm f/2.8E – $11,196.95


14-24mm f/2.8G – $1,896.95

24-70mm f/2.8E – $2,396.95

70-200mm f/2.8E – $2,796.95

80-400mm f/Four.5-5.6G – $2,296.95

Specialty Lenses

Eight-15mm f/Three-5-Four.5E – $1,246.95

19mm f/4E PC – $3,396.95

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Canon confronted an identical problem when releasing its high-resolution monsters, the 5DS and 5DSR. It's a actuality all digital camera producers will face as they scale the mountain of megapixels the market calls for. However, for these invested in “inferior” optics, it should undoubtedly trigger some to query whether or not the brand new physique is value it.

The D850 plus premium lenses are rather a lot to ask and moreover, we photogs are likely to get hooked up to our lenses. “Favourite lens” gained’t all the time imply sharpest, quickest, or costliest. Nonetheless, if you wish to benefit from the brand new Nikon expertise, these are your greatest choices in accordance with Nikon.