Collaborative Acrylic Paintings That Aim to Visually Map the Perceptual Experiences of Synesthesia


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American artist and filmmaker Lucy Engelman has a far totally different expertise of the world than most. Engelman has a phenomenon referred to as Synesthesia, which crosses her perceptual pathways to permit her to style colours, odor sounds, and even expertise verbal knowledge as a spectrum of vibrant colours. Engelman’s husband, Scottish painter Daniel Mullen, determined to translate her complicated sensory world in a method that could be simpler to know for these of us who don’t see days and numbers as pockets of colour.

The collaboration exists as a set of work titled A Different Kind of Time: Sequencing Spatial Temporal Synesthesia. The works every include a sequence of flat rectangular shapes organized in quite a lot of arches and features. The angle of the shapes is switched in every work, some aligned with just one aspect dealing with the viewers, whereas others appear to venture proper via the canvas or retreat again into the portray’s rotated aircraft. Engelman explains the works are the closest visible approximation to what she experiences, particularly in relation to her thoughts’s translation of letters, numbers, and time.

You'll be able to view extra of the work based mostly on Engelman’s distinctive view of the world on Daniel Mullen’s website. (by way of Colossal Submissions)