A Half Century of Bowling Alley Design in Southern Germany Captured by Robert Götzfried


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German photographer Robert Götzfried (previously) seeks out distinctive structure for collection that target one specific factor of a tradition or place. Earlier tasks have documented the pipe organs of 20 German Catholic churches, noticed the artistic development of Cambodia’s roadside barber shops, and captured abandoned storefronts that exist throughout Australia.

For the previous few years Götzfried has targeted on photographing the design of bowling alleys and “Kegelbahnen” throughout Southern Germany, most of which exist from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. Kegeln is a German sport just like bowling, nevertheless with smaller balls, solely 9 pins, and shortened lanes. The game has fallen from reputation, and most of the photographed lanes’ high quality has diminished with the occasions. You'll be able to see a bigger number of Götzfried’s photographic tasks on his websiteInstagram, and Behance. (by way of This Isn’t Happiness)