A Cascade of Water Over Terra Cotta Tubes Functions as a Beautiful Electricity-Free Air Conditioner


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New Delhi-based structure and design firm Ant Studio lately created a totally electricity-free cooling system that depends on clay tubes and water as an affordable various to conventional air conditioners. The sphere-shaped system was constructed as part of a bigger beautification venture for a DEKI Electronics manufacturing unit. The straightforward, low-tech answer provides an aesthetic twist to the standard metallic equipment, and requires little maintenance to make sure its environment keep cool.

As a way to cool the air, the system is first full of a couple of hundred terra cotta cones. Subsequent, water is poured down the edges of the construction so the clay objects can take up the liquid because it flows down their sides. Lastly the water slowly evaporates from the soaked cones, decreasing sweltering temperatures by as much as 26 levels Fahrenheit.

Comparable cooling units have been in use for hundreds of years, with archaeological proof suggesting that clay pots have been utilized to help with water cooling strategies way back to 3000 BC in Pakistan and India. The pure and low cost answer additionally doubles as an artwork set up, showing extra like a postmodern waterfall than HVAC system. (by way of ArchDaily and InHabitat)